Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Riches Among the Ruins

Yes, it's been quite a while since I've posted - but that should change, now that I have something resembling a full-time position.

I'm working for an author in Boston at a company called Turan Corporation, helping run the website, blog and general communications for this book:

As such, I'm going to be researching, writing and posting about the book, emerging markets and economics on blog.richesamongtheruins.com.

I was genuinely surprised by the book - I have neither economics expertise nor much knowledge about emerging markets. Essentially, my entire exposure to economic policy is reading a few blogs (like Pat Garofalo's economics column at Think Progress) and the Economist every week.

However, the book lays some complex financial arrangements out in simple, comprehensible terms. Furthermore, it's a genuine, real-life adventure story that reveals, at least to me, how crazy business in the various dark corners of the world can get.

I don't recommend things simply out of obligation or because it's my job (although it is my job!), but if you are interested in geo-politics, economics, or just travel, this is a pretty fun book and something I'd recommend picking up.

Hopefully, I should have some time to update here as well.

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