Saturday, May 19, 2007

Friends and Countrymen

We went out for dinner last night, all dressed our best - Joe and I were rocking the suits Zaghloul made us, and the we were so convincing that Jay decided he wanted in on the action. So we went down to the tailor today and Jay commissioned a pair of suits.

But the evening was really wonderful - we went to La Bodega, a fancy first-class restaurant on 26th July, and ate like kings(and queens), with a 4-course prix fixe meal and wine for about $16 apiece. Really hard to complain about, if you ask me. It was a time, and we had lots of lively dinner conversation, recounting our adventures, reminiscing over our favorite moments in the month past, and engaging in a bit of spirited post-prandial debate about the role of modern feminism in American society, sparked by my - tounge firmly in cheek - comment that the men ought to retire to the lounge for cigars and brandy.

We got to the restaurant around 8:30, left around 11:30 and went to Jon's for aperitifs - or in this case, a bottle of Egyptian beer. We hung around, played some guitar, sat on the porch and enjoyed the night. Jon was rocking his new cream-colored pinstripe suit too. I really think Zaghloul owes me a free suit for all the business I've brought him.

I'm going to be sad to leave this place - I've made a lot of truly unique friendships, had all kinds of bizarre adventures and generally just lived it to the fullest, I think. While I am looking forward to returning and seeing everyone who is waiting for me there, I'm really going to miss the ahwas, the crazy rhythmic pulse of the city, the late nights and all the rest of it. Cairo's a one-of-a-kind city, I don't think anywhere else in the world could ever feel like this. I guess that's true everywhere, no two places are alike, but Cairo is like New York, like Istanbul - a truly different city.

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Juria said...

I hate saying good bye because I believe we all will meet again in one point. This is your first time in Egypt right? You'll go back again, as they say, once you drink from the waters of the Nile, you keep coming back. It's true. :)