Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Battle of Algiers

We went to see this amazing French film at the student center. That's pretty much been the highlight of my week as I've been spending most of my time getting over a persistent cold/fever. But the movie was really something - for those of you who haven't seen it, it's about the guerilla-style insurgency of the Algerians under the French occupation. Bombings, military crackdowns, counter-terrorist actions - nothing like anything we're dealing with today, of course.

A lot of the discussion after the film revolved around parallels between France's colonial pull-out and the USA's predicament. It seemed to me that, in the end, we're probably just as screwed as the French were, and when we pull out - things are only going to get worse. So there's that to look forward to...

Other than that, an incredibly slow week. I'll be writing for the Dimensions newspaper here, which is sort of the secondary newspaper on campus. It ought to be interesting - since I am only one of two or three people on the staff with actual prior newspaper-editing experience in English. Should be fun. If I write anything good I might post it up on here.


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